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Table 15 Classification performance using centroid free energy

From: Secondary structural entropy in RNA switch (Riboswitch) identification

Classifier T P % F P 1 % F P 2 % Sensitivity Sig.
LCFEGCRND 65.2 30.4 15.4 66.1 CFE
LCFEGC 78.3 56.5 15.4 61 L,CFE
LCFEGCBJK 82.6 65.2 15.4 59.3 GC
  1. Classifier Performance. Actual length of sequences used. Feature CFE denotes centroid free energy as calculated by CentroidFold [62]. Column Classifier denotes features used from the training set. T P % denotes percentage of true positives. F P 1 % and F P 2 % represent the percentages of antisense sequences and E. coli UTRs that are misclassified as riboswitches, respectively. Sensitivity denotes overall percentage of correctly classified sequences. Sig. denotes significant (less than 0.05 in the training set) features of the multinomial classifier.