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Table 9 Classification performance in dinucleotide shuffling test

From: Secondary structural entropy in RNA switch (Riboswitch) identification

Classifier TP% FP%
LMFEGCBJKbp 65.2 0.7
LMFEGCBJK 69.6 0.7
LMFEGCRND 69.6 3.3
LMFEGC 69.6 0.7
LGCGUSIL 0.0 0.0
LMFEGCFFT 65.2 1.3
LMFEGCShapes 73.9 0.7
  1. Actual length of sequences used in this test. Column Features denotes features used from the training set. T P % denotes percentage of true positives. F P % represent the percentages of dinucleotide shuffles that are misclassified as riboswitches. Please see Methods section for details on preparing dinucleotide shuffles.