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Figure 12

From: CHEXVIS: a tool for molecular channel extraction and visualization

Figure 12

Properties of membrane carboxylate channel in 3SYS. The 2D profile is coloured by conservation and hydrophobicity of residues. It can be observed that the channel constriction is more conserved than the rest of the channel. According to box representation of first row, the amino acids lining the channel shows higher proportion of Arginine. Most of the residue side chains point towards the channel as can be concluded by many red boxes in the second row. The third row shows that channel is surrounded by loops (coloured yellow), specially at the constriction. Although some residues at channel end points belong to outer beta-barrel structure. Lastly, the fourth row shows the chemical properties of the residues lining the channel. The basic residues which play an important role in the function of this channel are correctly identified by ChExVis. They are represented as dark blue boxes.

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