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Figure 13

From: CHEXVIS: a tool for molecular channel extraction and visualization

Figure 13

The KcsA potassium channels extracted in structures 1K4C, 1K4D and 1S5H. On left, channel extracted in 1K4C (high K+ concentration) is shown. The channel has four highly conserved K+ sites which are surrounded by carbonyl Oxygens as shown in the profile shown. The channel closes in low K+ concentration (1K4D) as captured by next profile. The channel in this structure is more constricted and one of the site is surrounded by Carbon atoms instead of carbonyl Oxygens. Lastly, on right a mutant channel (1S5H) is shown which has reduced K+ conduction capability. This is attributed to replacement of Oxygens with Carbon atoms at crucial site no. 4, which is correctly captured by CHEXVIS in the profile shown.

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