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Table 1 NGS data sets used for testing

From: UrQt: an efficient software for the Unsupervised Quality trimming of NGS data

Accession Species Sample Paired-end Read size Reference
number   type   (bp) genome
SRR002073 Homo sapiens RNA no 33 hg19
SRR521463 Homo sapiens RNA yes 75 hg19
SRR420813 Arabidopsis thaliana RNA no 83 TAIR10
SRX150254 Prunus persica DNA yes 100 1.22
SRR452441 Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA yes 100 EF4
SRR988074 Drosophila melanogaster DNA yes 101 5.41
SRR919326 Drosophila melanogaster RNA yes 101 5.41