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Figure 2

From: KaBOB: ontology-based semantic integration of biomedical databases

Figure 2

Example ICE Records and corresponding BIO Concepts. Depicts an excerpt of the knowledge representation in KaBOB. Ovals are used to depict instances, and rectangles classes. Single line arrows represent triples and point from their subject to their object and are labeled with their property. The iao:denotes links that cross from the ICE to the BIO side are emphasized with dashed arrows. The double arrows are shorthand for representing an owl:Restriction on the given property with some values from the object value. This figure depicts two GO annotation records that are then converted to biomedical concepts using the same rule (rule not depicted). Additionally sets of gene identifiers are also depicted that denote their corresponding gene concept. On the BIO side the relations between genes, proteins, and gene or gene product aggregate classes are also shown. Other than the records and their field values, generated by the file parsers, all other links are the output of applying rules.

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