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Figure 8

From: DECODE: an integrated differential co-expression and differential expression analysis of gene expression data

Figure 8

The scatterplot of DE and DC for TRIM22. Each point in the plot represents a gene. The x-axis represents the absolute value of DC, |Z|, between a gene and TRIM22. The y-axis represents the absolute value of DE, |t|, of a gene. The optimal thresholds for DC and DE are drawn using red dash lines. (a) Heat map of the chi-square values (χ2) for the threshold candidates. (b) Gene set “cellular response to type I interferon (GO:0071357)” is best associated to the HDC_HDE partition (Adjusted p-value =2.73 × 10−18). Genes found in “cellular response to type I interferon” are highlighted using triangles. These genes with different DC and DE values are highlighted in different colours: high DC and high DE (red); high DC and low DE (blue); low DC and high DE (green); low DC and low DE (pink).

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