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Table 1 T ranslation Candidates for “心房”, “颤动”, “吞咽”, and “困难”

From: Bilingual term alignment from comparable corpora in English discharge summary and Chinese discharge summary

心房 颤动 吞咽 困难
Bradycardia bradycardia hematuria hematuria
fibrillation fibrillation dysphagia syncope
acidosis acidosis syncope dysphagia
angina angina stools fever
depression rheumatoid fever stools
hypothyroidism myocardial acidosis jaundice
syncope pericarditis bloody anemia
encephalopathy cesarean jaundice acidosis
heart heart anemia sepsis
rheumatoid leukemia angina bloody
glaucoma glaucoma sepsis respiratory
dysphagia cardiomyopathy thrombocytopenia angina
atrial encephalopathy respiratory encephalopathy
thrombocytopenia hypothyroidism bronchitis leukemia
cardiomyopathy syncope bacteremia thrombocytopenia
cesarean palsy leukemia bacteremia
anemia atrial fibrillation fibrillation
  1. Bold word means the correct translation (“atrial fibrillation” for “心房颤动” and “dysphagia” for “吞咽困难”).