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Table 1 Dataset for the first experiment: NCBI accession numbers of the complete chromosomes considered, in increasing order of their NCBI accession number

From: An investigation into inter- and intragenomic variations of graphic genomic signatures

  Organism NCBI Acc. Nr.
1 H. sapiens, chrom. 21 (Animalia) NC_000021.8
2 E. coli (Bacteria) NC_000913.3
3 S. cerevisiae, chrom. 4 (Fungi) NC_001136.10
4 A. thaliana, chrom. 1 (Plantae) NC_003070.9
5 P. falciparum, chrom. 14 (Protista) NC_004317.2
6 P. furiosus (Archaea) NC_018092.1