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Table 1 Datasets: Description of the datasets used in this study

From: MVDA: a multi-view genomic data integration methodology

Dataset Response N(0) N(1) N(2) N(3) Gene RNASeq microRNA miRNASeq Protein Copy Clinical
       expression   expression   expression number data
Breast Cancer from The Cancer genome Atlas, N = 151            
TCGA.BRC Pam50 (Her2,Basal,LumA,LumB) 24 13 55 59   x   x    
Breast Cancer from The Gene Expression Omnibus, N = 201            
OXF.BRC.1 Pam50 (Her2,Basal,LumA,LumB) 26 6 117 52 x   x     
OXF.BRC.2 Clinical (Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4) 73 54 42 32 x   x     
Prostate Cancer from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N = 88            
MSKCC.PRCA Tumor stages T1 vs. T2, T3, T4 53 35    x   x    x x
Ovarian Cancer from The Cancer Genome Atlas, N = 398            
TCGA.OVG Tumor stage I,II, Tumor stage III, Tumor stage IV 33 315 50   x   x   x   
Glioblastoma Multiforme from The Cancer genome Atlas, N = 167            
from TCGA.GBM (Classical, Mesechymal, Neural, Proneural) 37 54 24 52 x   x     
  1. “N” is the number of subjects for each dataset. Ni is the number of samples in the i-th class. An x denotes if that view (column) is available for a specific dataset (row)