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Table 8 The equations in various regression models used for the assessment of diffusion coefficient

From: A cascade computer model for mocrobicide diffusivity from mucoadhesive formulations

Methods D N
Higuchi Equation (2*A*Cs*D*t)**1/2 7
D = 2.32 ± 0.80
Multivariate Regression I D value = 2640.1023-186.17258*dose-202.39005*weight + 250.95155*flow_rate-275.11685*ph_value-48.67687*insert_pos 6
K-Nearest Neighbors It predicts the D value as per the entered values of independent variables  
Back Propagation Model The network was trained for each number of hidden units for a given sample and the D value with the minimal PME was calculated.  
  1. * Statistically significant (P < 0.05)