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Table 2 Summarized terms for genes with low Z scores in inferred subpopulations

From: A simplicial complex-based approach to unmixing tumor progression data

  Z score ≤−3
Subpop. 1
Subpop. 2 Chemokine and associated terms, Cytokine and associated terms, interleukin-8-like
Subpop. 3 Alternative Splicing, Splice Variant, phosphoprotein, polymorphism, sequence variant
Subpop. 4 Signal, Signal peptide, glycoprotein, glycosylation site: N-linked, disulfide bond
Subpop. 5 Icosanoid, unsaturated fatty acid, alkene, leukotriene, transmembrane protein, lipid
Subpop. 6 Zinc and associated terms, c2h2-type