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Table 1 The influence of algorithm parallelization on SETTER and MultiSETTER runtimes

From: MultiSETTER: web server for multiple RNA structure comparison

Number of threads Pairwise alignment Multiple alignment
1 9.3 171.4 / 466.7
2 5.7 89.9 / 257.9
3 4.7 65.0 / 194.0
4 4.4 63.4 / 190.3
  1. Runtimes (in seconds) of the pairwise structure alignment by SETTER and multiple structure alignment by MultiSETTER as the function of the number of threads limited in the Intel (R) Threading Building Blocks library. For the multiple alignment, first number is the time needed for distance matrix computation, second number is total alignment time consisting of distance matrix computation, the creation of the average structure and the alignment of every structure against the average structure