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Table 4 The results of three- and four-target designs

From: Multi-objective optimization for RNA design with multiple target secondary structures

  MODENA RNAdesign Frnakenstein
  3str 4str 3str 4str 3str 4str
mean (δ e 1) 0.27 0.84 0.35 1.63a 0.39 0.92
median (δ e 1) 0.00 0.39 0.05 0.70a 0.10 0.55
mean (δ e 2) 0.54 1.78 0.53 2.31a 0.96 1.89
median (δ e 2) 0.30 1.40 0.30 1.50a 0.80 1.60
  1. The 3str and 4str indicate the results for the 100 target sets of three- and four-target designs, respectively. The definitions of the energy differences δ e 1 and δ e 2 in kcal/mol are described in Table 2
  2. aSince the computational times for five target sets in the four-target designs were very long, we terminated the five runs of the 100 runs (a single run corresponds to one target set). For this reason, we calculated these means and medians of RNAdesign without the results of the five target sets