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Table 1 Comparison of RPathVisio with other similar packages available in R

From: Automatically visualise and analyse data on pathways using PathVisioRPC from any programming environment

Software SigPathway ReactomePA KEGGGraph PathView RPathVisio
Pathway sources available GO, KEGG, BioCarta, BioCyc, SuperArray Reactome KEGG KEGG WikiPathways, Reactome, NetPath, WormBase
Pathway building + +
Multi-omics support + + +
Plots + +
Pathway visualisation + + +
Multiple data visualisation + + +
Pathway statistics Gene set statistics EA, GSEA FM detection EA
Export Text, HTML Text Images Images Text, GPML, Images, HTML
  1. GO Gene Ontology, EA Enrichment Analysis, GSEA Gene Set Enrichment Analysis, FM Functional Module
  2. +Present
  3. —Absent