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Table 2 Real calculation time of different gene regulatory network modeling methods on the server. Since some modeling methods could be scaled up to use multi-core (multithread), we also estimated the time consumed on single thread

From: Prior knowledge driven Granger causality analysis on gene regulatory network discovery

Method Real time # of threads Estimated time
  consumed utilized consumed on
    single thread
MRNET 1 min 1 1 min
ARACNE 1 min 1 1 min
PGC modeling 29 mins 1 29 mins
Ridge (cross validated) 5 mins 16 1 hour
CGC-2SPR 5 mins 16 1 hour
Lasso (cross validated) 8 hours 12 96 hours
Enet (cross validated) 84 hours 12 1008 hours
DBN NA(>1 mon) 1 NA(>1 mon)