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Table 3 List of key parameters used in the Prokaryo model: parameter values have been set in order to replicate experimental data as reported from wet lab experiments and in the literature [1]

From: PROKARYO: an illustrative and interactive computational model of the lactose operon in the bacterium Escherichia coli

Parameter Description Value
n Nucleotides per unit 3
Tr Transcription speed 60 base pairs per second
Gt Glucose threshold 40000 count per bacterium
Ro Ribosome offset 0.1
Tf Translation frequency 0.25 s e c −1
Rd Ribosome dock delay 1.0 s e c −1
Ptc Protein threshold count 3.0
Rlt Repressor lactose threshold 2000 cpb
Ta Transcription affinity 0.01
St simulation time factor 10