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Table 2 Correct orientation of FES in question after reordering. After reordering the FES pairs with one partner in the Small Singe Copy Region (SSCR) and the other one in the Large Single Copy Region (LSCR) they now show the correct orientation towards each other. Position, length and distances are given in bp

From: SMRT sequencing only de novo assembly of the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) chloroplast genome

Name Position Length Orientation Distance Located on Accession
001-G11-CCfw 70,072 669 fw 37,428 SSCR FI107918
001-G11-CCrv 107,500 778 rv LSCR FI107577
002-M15-CCfw 115,079 852 fw 42,542 SSCR KG642400
002-M15-CCrv 7899 780 rv LSCR KG642401
198-M21-ccrv 111,193 579 fw 39,080 SSCR JY420463
198-M21-pIfw 551 617 rv LSCR JY420464