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Table 2 Variable Wolbachia and mosquito parameters. Cytoplasmic Incompatibility, Maternal Inheritance, and Fecundity Penalty were obtained from the wMel estimates in [7]. Fitness Cost was obtained from [5]. Mosquito and Wolbachia variables are denoted by (M) and (W), respectively

From: A computer simulation model of Wolbachia invasion for disease vector population modification

Parameter Value
Population Size (M) 10,000–250,000
Number of Populations (M) 2–4
Invasion Rate (M) 20–40 %
Migration (M) 1–5 %
Intensity of Cytoplasmic Incompatibility (W) 100 %
Maternal Inheritance (W) 100 %
Fecundity Penalty Wolbachia Infected (W) 12–18 %
Fecundity Penalty Wolbachia Non-infected (W) 8–10 %
Wolbachia Fitness Cost (W) 15–25 %