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Table 2 The Pearson correlation coefficients of estimated expression with qRT-PCR measurements using MAQC dataset

From: Improving RNA-Seq expression estimation by modeling isoform- and exon-specific read sequencing rate

Dataset Cufflinks RSEM MMSEQ NLDMseq
SRA010153 (HBR) 0.8033 0.8117 0.8000 0.8442
SRA010153 (UHR) 0.8238 0.8265 0.8356 0.8585
SRA012427 (UHR) 0.8107 0.8345 0.8430 0.8481
  1. Samples HBR and UHR in SRA010153 data and sample UHR in SRA012427 data are used