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Table 2 Main features of the graph clustering methods presented in this study

From: Interlog protein network: an evolutionary benchmark of protein interaction networks for the evaluation of clustering algorithms

  Markov clustering (MCL) Restricted Neighborhood Search Clustering (RNSC) Laplacian dynamics (LD) Cartographic Representation (CR) Genetic Algorithm to find communities in Protein-Protein Interaction networks (GAPPI)
Type Flow simulation & Pagerank centrality Cost-based local search Multiscale modular structure Inter- and intramodule connection Search inspired by natural evolution
Allow multiple assignations No No No No No
Allow unassigned nodes No No No No No
Edge-weighted graphs supported Yes No Yes No No
First application Protein family detection Protein complex prediction High modularity partitions of large (more than million) networks finding Metabolic network Protein-protein interaction networks
Availability Upon Gephi program Upon request
Developer (Year) Enright A.J. et al. (2002) [19] King A.D. et al. (2004) [20] (1) Lambiotte R. et al. (2007) [49]; Guimera R. & Amaral LAN (2005) [47] Pizzuti C. & Rombo S. E. (2014) [16]
(2) Blondel V.D. et al. (2008) [48]