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Table 1 Seven main classification criteria of publications (columns) and their categories

From: Survey statistics of automated segmentations applied to optical imaging of mammalian cells

Object of interest Imaging modality Data axes Segmentation Segmentation evaluation Segmentation acceleration Objectameasurement
Cell Phase contrast X-Y-T Active contours + Level Set Visual inspection Cluster Geometry
Nucleus Differential interference contrast X-Y-Z Graph-based Object-level evaluation Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Motility
Synthetic (digital model) Bright-field X-Y-Z-T Morphological Pixel-level evaluation Multi-core CPU Counting
Synthetic (reference material) Dark-field   Other Technique is not specified Single-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) Location
Other Confocal fluorescence   Partial Derivative Equations Unknown Unknown Intensity
  Wide-field fluorescence   Region growing    
  Two-photon fluorescence   Thresholding    
  Light sheet   Watershed    
  1. aObject refers to the categories of an object of interest and clusters of objects