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Table 3 Summary usage statistics of segmentation methods in the surveyed literature

From: Survey statistics of automated segmentations applied to optical imaging of mammalian cells

Segmentation category Description Number of surveyed papers
Active contours‚ÄČ+‚ÄČLevel Set Parametric curves which fit to an image object of interest. These curve fitting functions are regularized gradient edge detectors 24
Graph-based Applies graph theories to segment regions of interest 2
Morphological Apply morphological operations to segment or clean a pre-segmented image 2
Other The methods in this category are created for a specific problem or cell line by a combination of existing techniques or by creating a new concept 8
Partial Derivative Equations Groups pixels into different segment based on minimizing a cost function using partial derivatives 2
Region growing Starts from a seed and grows the segmented regions following some pre-defined criterion 2
Thresholding Threshold based techniques consider the foreground pixels to have intensity values higher (or lower) than a given threshold. 31
Watershed Mainly used to separate touching cells or touching subcellular regions 15