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Table 6 A summary of five publications in terms of their use of segmentation parameter optimization

From: Survey statistics of automated segmentations applied to optical imaging of mammalian cells

Optimized entity Optimization approach Segmentation workflow Reference
Intensity threshold, intensity distribution Otsu technique [43] to minimize intra-class variance Thresholding→Morphological seeded watershed [42]
DIC-based nonnegative-constrained convex objective function minimization→ Thresholding [44]
Intensity threshold, intensity distribution, geometric characteristics of segmented objects Find threshold that yields expected size and geometric characteristics Gaussian filtering→Exponential fit to intensity histogram→Thresholding→ Morphological refinements [49]
Thresholding→Morphological refinements [47]
Intensity distribution, geometric characteristics of segmented objects Hessian-based filtering and medial axis transform for enhanced intensity-based centroid detection Iterative non-uniformity correction→Hessian-based filtering→Weighted medial axis transform→Intensity-based centroid detection [48]