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Fig. 3

From: ODTbrain: a Python library for full-view, dense diffraction tomography

Fig. 3

Dependence of reconstruction quality on the total number of projections. a Normalized root mean square (RMS) error in dependence of the total number of projections used for the reconstruction. The 2D (lines) and 3D (marker symbols) reconstructions were performed with the Born (blue), Radon (black), and Rytov (red) approximations. b Normalized total variation (TV) error in dependence of the total number of projections. c, d, e Slices through the 3D reconstruction volume for 20 (c), 60 (d), and 240 (e) projections. The corresponding slice for 200 total projections is shown in Fig. 2f. The diameter (2a=17 λ) and the refractive index values of the cell phantom are unchanged for all simulations

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