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Table 3 Reactions and rates of the repressilator model

From: A straightforward method to compute average stochastic oscillations from data samples

No. Reaction Rate law
R1. Degradation of LacI transcripts X k d_m R N A·X
R2. Degradation of TetR transcripts Y k d_m R N A·Y
R3. Degradation of CI transcripts Z k d_m R N A·Z
R4. Translation of LacI P X k_t l·X
R5. Translation of TetR P Y k_t l·Y
R6. Translation of CI P Z k_t l·Z
R7. Degradation of LacI P X k d_p r o t·P X
R8. Degradation of TetR P Y k d_p r o t·P Y
R9. Degradation of CI P Z k d_p r o t·P Z
R10. Transcription of LacI X \(a0\_tr+\frac {a\_tr\cdot KM^{n}}{KM^{n}+(PZ)^{n}}\)
R11. Transcription of TetR Y \(a0\_tr+\frac {a\_tr\cdot KM^{n}}{KM^{n}+(PX)^{n}}\)
R12. Transcription of CI Z \(a0\_tr+\frac {a\_tr\cdot KM^{n}}{KM^{n}+(PY)^{n}}\)