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Fig. 3

From: PDB-Explorer: a web-based interactive map of the protein data bank in shape space

Fig. 3

Correlation between RMSD and CBD3DP in conformers of the glutamine binding protein. a Overlay of 10 structures from domain movement of glutamine binding protein taken from the Protein Motion Database. The initial structure is PDB-entry 1GGG (purple) and last structure is PDB-entry 1WDN (red). b Correlation between RMSD from all heavy atom alignment and CBD3DP. Each line indicates different reference structure. Purple: 1st (1GGG); Blue: 2nd; Cyan: 3rd; Lime Green: 4th; Green: 5th; Light green: 6th; Yellow: 7th; Yellow orange: 8th; Orange: 9th; Red: 10th (1WDN). c Deviation of bit values to the 5th structure

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