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Fig. 4

From: PDB-Explorer: a web-based interactive map of the protein data bank in shape space

Fig. 4

3DP distinguishes between closely related CDK2 T-loop conformers. a Frequency histogram of pairwise CBD3DP values from 245 CDK2 conformations (blue). b Three pairs of CKD2s, 3QZH-3ROY, 3QRT-2C5Y, and 3QQH-4EZ7, were analyzed. They had CBD3DP values 89 (left red bar in a), 424 (middle red bar in a) and 1021 (right red bar in a) respectively. Differences of bit values are shown for 3QZH-3ROY (blue), 3QRT-2C5Y (red), and 3QQH-4EZ7 (green). c Alignment of 3QZH (blue) and 3ROY (orange); 3QRT (slate blue) and 2C5Y (coral); 3QQH (green) and 4EZ7 (magenta)

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