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Fig. 8

From: Peak shape clustering reveals biological insights

Fig. 8

Combinatorial interaction analysis on the eight transcription factors selected with random forests (see Table 2), in Replicate 1 for K562 cells. Here we consider having an overlap when GATA-1 peak intersects at least one ChIP-seq replicate for the regulatory element of interest. a Results considering all the peaks simultaneously. b-d Results concerning the peaks that belong to three clusters separately. In all the plots, each row represents the overlap of a GATA-1 peak with the eight protein considered. The red color means that there is an intersection, while green stands for the absence of the protein in the correspondent GATA-1 region. The proportion of GATA-1 peaks that intersect the different proteins is indicated in brackets near the protein name. Results obtained considering the more stringent rule of having an overlap if the peak intersects  all replicates can be found in Additional file 1: Figure S10

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