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Table 1 GATA-1 motif analysis

From: Peak shape clustering reveals biological insights

E-value Peaks with motif
Global 3e-216 (3e-158) 90 % (11874)
Cluster 1 7e-258 (3e-159) 91 % (9187)
Cluster 2 2e-250 (1e-194) 97 % (1638)
Cluster 3 7e-21 (2e-88) 79 % (1049)
  1. GATA-1 motif enrichment and occurrences analysis in the complete set of peaks as well as in the three clusters, in Replicate 1 for K562 cells. For the enrichment analysis, MEME-ChIP with default options is run on samples of 1323 peaks (the size of the smallest cluster) to get comparable E-values. In the global set and in Cluster 1, that are large with respect to the sample size, the median of E-values obtained by random sampling 10 times is reported. In parenthesis we indicate the E-values obtained running MEME-ChIP changing default parameters to allow the motif search in the whole peak regions (without trimming them). The number of peaks with the motif (occurrences analysis) is computed on the whole sets of peaks