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Table 3 Statistical analysis results of functional similarity of the intrafamily, interfamily and randomly selected miRNAs

From: Inferring plant microRNA functional similarity using a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Methods Intra-inter-random (p-value) Intra-inter (p-value) Intra-random (p-value)
PPImiRFS (BP) 0.0E0 1.41E-170 5.51E-182
PPImiRFS (CC) 0.0E0 1.42E-138 2.39E-162
PPImiRFS (MF) 0.0E0 9.28E-165 1.69E-178
miRFunSim 1.2354E-155 1.06E-139 2.82E-132
GOSemSim 0.0E0 1.40E-104 2.19E-117