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Table 4 Statistical analysis results of functional similarity of the intracluster, intercluster and randomly selected miRNAs

From: Inferring plant microRNA functional similarity using a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Methods Intra-inter-random (p-value) Intra-inter (p-value) Intra-random (p-value)
PPImiRFS (BP) 1.5538E-39 4.04E-15 3.88E-18
PPImiRFS (CC) 7.2078E-48 1.57E-11 3.20E-15
PPImiRFS (MF) 2.0064E-30 9.86E-14 8.14E-16
miRFunSim 9.0311E-22 9.54E-18 1.07E-16
GOSemSim 3.81E-140 1.28E-13 1.57E-20