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Table 2 List of the top ranking features for omnivores and vegetarians in the 16S data collected from the American Gut Project detected using NPFS-JMI

From: Fizzy: feature subset selection for metagenomics

(Feature rank) Operation taxonomic unit classification (OTU ID)
(F1) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Lachnospiraceae, Shuttleworthia (GGID4424924)
(F2) Cyanobacteria, Oscillatoriophycideae, Chroococcales, Xenococcaceae, Chroococcidiopsis (GGID649518)
(F3) Proteobacteria, Betaproteobacteria, Gallionellales, Gallionellaceae, Gallionella (GGID3239358)
(F4) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales (GGID176062)
(F5) Firmicutes, Bacilli, Gemellales, Gemellaceae (GGID967433)
(F6) Firmicutes, Erysipelotrichi, Erysipelotrichales, Erysipelotrichaceae, Erysipelothrix (GGID4478325)
(F7) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Lachnospiraceae (GGID183576)
(F8) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Clostridiaceae, Clostridium (GGID174688)
(F9) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Clostridiaceae (GGID1137375)
(F10) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Lachnospiraceae, Blautia (GGID305997)
(F11) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales, Lachnospiraceae (GGID288682)
(F12) Proteobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Pasteurellales, Pasteurellaceae, Haemophilus (GGID995893)
(F13) Bacteroidetes, Bacteroidia, Bacteroidales, Bacteroidaceae, Bacteroides (GGID4450198)
(F14) Firmicutes, Clostridia, Clostridiales (GGID267502)
(F15) Bacteroidetes, Bacteroidia, Bacteroidales, Bacteroidaceae, Bacteroides (GGID531722)
  1. The number followed by “F” indicates the order NPFS selected the OTU and the “GGID” contains the Greengenes OTU ID from the taxonomic classification