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Table 1 Data set specific significance test

From: Inferring intra-motif dependencies of DNA binding sites from ChIP-seq data

PWM 0+0 0+0 0+0 0+0
PMM1 15+6 0+0 1+0 2+0
PMM2 15+8 4+6 0+0 2+0
PMM3 14+9 6+4 1+1 0+0
PMM4 16+9 7+5 3+3 2+0
  1. For each data and every combination of models, we perform a Wilcoxon signed rank test (α=0.01) comparing the distribution of AUC values from the different cross-validation iterations. The entry in a+b the i-th row and the j-th column denotes the number of data sets for which the model corresponding to row i yields a significantly better classification performance than the model corresponding to column j, where a denotes the number of significant differences in category A data sets, and b the number of significant differences in category b data sets. We find many instances where increasing the model order yields to significantly better classification (lower triangle), but only few instances where it yields a significantly worse classification (upper triangle)