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Table 1 The list of operations in the segmentation and feature computation stages and the sources of the CPU and GPU versions

From: Scalable analysis of Big pathology image data cohorts using efficient methods and high-performance computing strategies

Segmentation Computations
Operation CPU Implementation GPU Implementation
Red Blood Cell Detection (RBC Detection) Vincent [92] and OpenCV Implemented
Morphological Open (Morph. Open) OpenCV OpenCV
Reconstruct to Nucleus (ReconToNuclei) Vincent [92] Implemented
Area Threshold Implemented Implemented
Fill Holes Vincent [92] Implemented
Pre-Watershed Vincent [92], and OpenCV for distance transformation Implemented
Watershed OpenCV Körbes [93]
Black and White Label (BWLabel) Implemented Implemented
  1. We used the implementation of the morphological reconstruction operation by Vincent for the implementation of several segmentation operations. Implemented indicates our implementation of the respective operations