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Table 3 Profiling information of the pipeline operations using NVIDIA nvprof tool

From: Scalable analysis of Big pathology image data cohorts using efficient methods and high-performance computing strategies

Pipeline Operation Metric
  sm_efficiency IPC
Red Blood Cell (RBC) Detection 99.49 2.45
Morphological Open 93.12 1.41
Reconstruct to Nucleus 95.38 1.48
Area Threshold 99.30 1.05
Fill Holes 95.38 1.48
Pre-Watershed 96.35 2.13
Watershed 97.59 2.12
Black and White Label 99.86 1.12
Features Computation 98.53 3.36
  1. We collected sm_efficiency and IPC metrics, which are the percentage of time at least one warp is active on a multiprocessor averaged over all multiprocessors on the GPU and the instructions executed per cycle, respectively