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Table 1 Gene Ontology categories enriched by differentially expressed genes among TB, LTBI, and healthy control (HC)

From: Gene expression profiling identifies candidate biomarkers for active and latent tuberculosis

TB vs. HC LTBI vs. HC LTBI vs. TB
1. Immune response Regulation of metabolic process Response to cold
2. Leukocyte differentiation Regulation of cellular Metabolic process Immune Response-regulating signaling pathway
3. Immune system process Regulation of biosynthetic process Cellular process
4. B cell activation Apoptotic process Immune response- activating signal transduction
5. Lymphocyte differentiation Death Heterotypic cell-cell adhesion
6. Regulation of immune response Regulation of gene expression NK T cell differentiation
7. Positive regulation of response to stimulus MAP kinase phosphatase activity Regulation of mRNA catabolic process
8. Lymphocyte activation Translation factor activity, Translation regulator activity
9. Leukocyte activation Translation initiation factor activity NF-kappaB binding
10. Chemokine receptor activity Protein tyrosine/threonine phosphatase activity Translation repressor activity
  1. WebGestalt setting: multiple test adjustment = Benjamini-Hochberg, significance level = top 10 (Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted p < 0.05); minimum number of genes for a category = 2