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Table 1 Composition of data collected in the respiratory virus challenge study. The study enrolled a total of 151 subjects challenged with 4 difference viruses over seven different challenge sub-studies and samples at multiple regularly spaced time points over a time period ranging from 3–5 days. The first column is the sub-study designation. Second column is the virus used in the challenge. Third and fourth columns are the year and location the sub-study was conducted. Fifth column is the DUHS IRB protocol number. Sixth column is the duration of the sub-study in hours. Last two columns are the number of subjects and the number of time points collected per subject, respectively

From: An individualized predictor of health and disease using paired reference and target samples

Challenge Virus Year Location IRB protocol Duration (hrs) # Subjects # Time points
DEE1 RSV 2008 Retroscreen Pro00002796 166 20 21
DEE2 H3N2 2009 Retroscreen Pro00006750 166 17 21
DEE3 H1N1 2009 Retroscreen Pro00018132 166 24 20
DEE4 H1N1 2010 Retroscreen Pro00019238 166 19 21
DEE5 H3N2 2011 Retroscreen Pro00029521 680 21 23
HRV UVA HRV 2008 Univ. of Virginia Pro00003477 120 20 15
HRV Duke HRV 2010 Duke Univ. Pro00022448 136 30 19