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Table 1 Composition of the CHARM-inspired CellProfiler feature vector. The groups and levels construction of CHARM was recreated, although the final measurement set is not identical

From: CP-CHARM: segmentation-free image classification made accessible

High-contrast features Polynomial decompositions Pixel statistics Textures
Edge Gabor Image Chebyshev Chebyshev- Moments (4) Multiscale Haralick Tamura
statistics (4) features (2) statistics (15) statistics (32) Fourier   histogram (24) textures (104) textures (6)
     Statistics (32)     
Mean Gabor features computed at four angles Max 32-bins histogram of the 400 coefficients of the Chebyshev transform of the image Modulus of the complex coefficients of the Fourier transform of the Chebyshev transform of the image Mean (1st) 3-bins histogram Statistics based on the co-occurence matrix of the image Contrast
Max   Mean    Variance (2nd)    Coarseness
Variance   Percent minimal     5-bins histogram   Directionality
Number of edge pixels      Skewness (3rd)    3-bins histogram of coarseness
   Percent maximal     7-bins histogram   
      Kurtosis (4th)    
   Variance     9-bins histogram   
   Total intensity       
   Mean intensity after thresholding       
   Variance on thresholded image       
   Number of pixels above threshold       
  1. *denotes features extracted on higher image levels, namely on the original image, on its Wavelet transform, on its Chebyshev transform, on its Fourier transform, on the Wavelet transform of its Fourier transform, and on the Chebyshev transform of its Fourier transform