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Table 1 Functional annotation analysis using DAVID ( for 4 lists of differentially expressed genes (DEGs)

From: Measure transcript integrity using RNA-seq data

  Term P value Benjamini
Enriched pathways for the 665 differentially expressed genes in mCRPC samples (without TIN correction). ribosomal protein 7.50E-19 3.10E-16
ribosome 1.10E-17 4.10E-15
structural constituent of ribosome 2.00E-17 1.10E-14
ribosomal subunit 3.70E-16 6.30E-14
cytosolic ribosome 1.00E-14 1.30E-12
translational elongation 9.70E-13 1.80E-09
large ribosomal subunit 5.40E-12 5.10E-10
ribonucleoprotein complex 1.20E-11 9.40E-10
translation 7.70E-10 7.10E-07
cytosolic large ribosomal subunit 7.10E-09 3.80E-07
Enriched pathways for the top 500 differentially expressed genes in human brain Glioblastoma cell line data (without TIN correction). ribonucleoprotein 9.00E-44 1.70E-41
structural constituent of ribosome 3.70E-37 1.90E-34
ribosome 1.80E-34 7.40E-32
ribonucleoprotein complex 1.20E-32 2.60E-30
ribosomal subunit 8.80E-30 1.20E-27
translational elongation 2.80E-28 4.40E-25
translation 3.70E-26 2.90E-23
cytosolic ribosome 1.10E-21 9.60E-20
structural molecule activity 2.70E-20 6.80E-18
large ribosomal subunit 4.60E-20 2.80E-18
Enriched pathways for the 289 differentially expressed genes in mCRPC samples (after TIN correction). icosanoid metabolic process 3.10E-05 3.60E-02
unsaturated fatty acid metabolic process 4.90E-05 2.90E-02
fatty acid metabolic process 5.60E-05 2.20E-02
prostaglandin metabolic process 9.20E-05 2.70E-02
prostanoid metabolic process 9.20E-05 2.70E-02
Arachidonic acid metabolism 7.80E-04 7.50E-02
PPAR signaling pathway 2.00E-03 9.60E-02
Enriched pathways for the 117 differentially expressed genes in mCRPC samples (using 3′ tag counting method). protein homooligomerization 2.20E-03 6.00E-01
protein complex assembly 8.50E-03 8.30E-01
protein complex biogenesis 8.50E-03 8.30E-01
macromolecular complex assembly 1.40E-02 9.10E-01
protein oligomerization 1.80E-02 9.20E-01
macromolecular complex subunit organization 2.10E-02 9.20E-01
cellular macromolecular complex subunit organization 3.40E-01 1.00E + 00