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Fig. 2

From: Seqinspector: position-based navigation through the ChIP-seq data landscape to identify gene expression regulators

Fig. 2

Identification of cell-type-specific transcript expression start site. The plots display the mean coverage for the selected gene sets in various cell types based on the CAGE data. The x-axis represents the genomic region around transcription start sites from 5’ to 3’. The y-axis represents the coverage that has been normalized to the number of aligned tags per million. a Coverage histograms for neuron-specific (blue) and astrocyte-specific (red) gene lists from Zhang et al. [15]. The upper panel displays the mean coverage of raphe neurons CAGE tags, whereas the bottom histogram refers to the hippocampal astrocyte CAGE tags. b Coverage histograms for genes up-regulated (blue) and down-regulated (red) in ruptured intracranial aneurysm from Pera et al. [16]. The upper panel presents the mean coverage of neutrophil CAGE tags, whereas the bottom (average) histogram refers to CD8+ T lymphocytes CAGE tags

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