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Table 1 Summary of the top five most statistically significant structures for each method when using the quaternary structure

From: Leveraging protein quaternary structure to identify oncogenic driver mutations

Structure iPAC GraphPAC SpacePAC
2YDR 1.89E-13 6.27E-18 <0.001
1SUV 2.39E-06 1.57E-05  
3W14 4.57E-06   
1DTW 5.22E-06   
1U5B 2.22E-05   
3V8X   1.49E-05  
4MNQ   1.48E-04  
1QVO   1.60E-04 <0.001
1I5K    <0.001
3B13    <0.001
1A9W    0.002
  1. A blank entry in position (i,j) denotes that methodology j did not find that structure to be statistically significant. We note that if a structure had n total mutations, then the pairwise methodologies of iPAC and GraphPAC calculate \(\frac {n(n-1)}{2}\) comparisons, one for each pair of mutations. Therefore, the p-values shown for iPAC and GraphPAC are shown post a Bonferroni correction. For SpacePAC, as 1000 simulations were run for each structure, the minimum possible p-value we can report is p<1.00E−03. Please see [26] for more details