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Table 1 Files generated (for each run) by the stats command in HPG pore, where seq can be a template, a complement or a 2D read

From: HPG pore: an efficient and scalable framework for nanopore sequencing data

Output file name File description
summary.txt Text file containing the number of reads and nucleotides, the mean, min. and max read length, nucleotide distribution, %GC, and mean quality
seq_ length_histogram.jpg Image of the read length histogram
seq_content_per_pos.jpg Image of the nucleotides (A, C, T, G, N) per position in the read
seq_ gc_histogram.jpg Image of the GC histogram
seq_yield.jpg Image of the number of nucleotides (yield) over time
seq_ quality_histogram.jpg Image of the read quality histogram
seq_quality_per_pos.jpg Image of the mean quality per position in read
seq_ reads_per_channel.jpg Image of the number of reads processed per channel
seq_ yield_per_channel.jpg Image of the number of nucleotides (yield) processed per channel