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Fig. 3

From: CoeViz: a web-based tool for coevolution analysis of protein residues

Fig. 3

Amino acid coevolution profile reveals residues constituting a structural domain and locations of the functional linear motifs in Cdc20 (SwissProt: CDC20_YEAST). a SS prediction by SABLE visualized by POLYVIEW-2D with residues highlighted in functional motifs and a structural domain: red – residues constituting D- and KEN-boxes; green–residues in the bipartite NLS; blue–C-box; residues with bold face are in the WD-repeats domain. Keys for graphical SS elements can be found in the POLYVIEW-2D documentation. b A full heat map displaying amino acid coevolution computed using MI weighted by phylogeny and derived from sequence alignments to the protein sequence defined in UniProt:P26309 against the whole NR database. Boundaries of the WD domain and functional motifs, as defined in UniProt, are highlighted with green lines. c A zoom-in view of the heat map fragment centered on D-box. d A zoom-in view of the heat map fragment centered on C-box. e A zoom-in view of the heat map fragment showing the upper-left corner of the WD-repeats domain

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