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Fig. 5

From: Detection and tracking of overlapping cell nuclei for large scale mitosis analyses

Fig. 5

Gaussian Mixture Model fit on cell images. Each row shows an image of cells and the corresponding GMM fit with 2 and 3 component. The first row shows an image with 2 cells while the second row shows an image with 3 cells. The 3-component model (1c and 2c) is always more accurate on any given image than the 2 component model (1b and 2b) but the fitting error difference between the two models can vary significantly. See fitting error Err on three cells of the 2-component model (2b). We take advantage of this variation over time to detect the transition between 2 cells and 3 cells whether they appear distinct as on this example or they overlap. Scalebar is 20 μ m

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