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Table 1 Barrel packing topologies observed in heme-binding members of the ferredoxin α + β barrel superfamily

From: Evolutionary relationships between heme-binding ferredoxin α + β barrels

Arrangement of ferredoxin-like domains in the barrels Heme-binding ferredoxin α + β barrel family representatives Barrel topology β-strand of the ferredoxin-like domain involved in barrel packing
Homo-dimerization IsdG and IsdI-like (PDB identifiers 2ZDO, 2ZDP, 3LGM, 3LGN, 3QGP, 4FNH, 4FNI) Type-1 β2---β4; β4---β2
MhuD (PDB identifiers 3HX9, 4NL5)
Hetero-dimerization Siroheme decarboxylase (PDB identifier 4UN1)
Dimerization of tandemly duplicated and fused domains HmoB (PDB identifiers 4FVC, 4JOU, 4OZ5), Chlorite dismutase (PDB identifiers 2VXH, 3NN1, 3NN2, 3NN3, 3NN4, 3Q08, 3Q09, 3QPI, 4 M05, 4 M06, 4 M07, 4 M08, 4 M09), Dyp-type peroxidase (PDB identifier 2D3Q, 2IIZ 3AFV, 3MM1, 3MM2, 3MM3, 3QNR, 3QNS, 3VEC, 3VED, 3VEF, 3VEG, 3VXI, 3VXJ, 4 AU9, 4G2C, 4GRC, 4GS1, 4GT2, 4GU7, 4HOV, 4UZI, 4W7J, 4W7K, 4W7L, 4W7M, 4W7N, 4W7O), EfeB (PDB identifiers 2Y4E, 2Y4F, 3O72), Siroheme decarboxylase (PDB identifier 4CZC)
Aldoxime dehydratase (PDB identifiers 3A15, 3A16, 3A17, 3A18, 3 W08) Type-2 β2---β2; β4---β4