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Table 1 List of biosignatures detected in each dataset

From: Network and biosignature analysis for the integration of transcriptomic and metabolomic data to characterize leaf senescence process in sunflower

Metabolites Transcription factors Integrated list
Alanine HeAn_C_10939 Alanine
  HeAn_C_11118 HeAn_S_15792
  HeAn_C_11953 HeAn_C_10939
  HeAn_C_12899 HeAn_S_38523
  HeAn_C_8526 HeAn_C_9238
  HeAn_C_9238 HeAn_S_32569
  HeAn_S_15792 HeAn_C_11118
  1. Each signature is composed of a single biomarker, and all signatures are expected to have the same predictive performance (see Table 2)