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Table 1 Topic-10 most probable words obtained when topic number is set to five

From: A novel procedure on next generation sequencing data analysis using text mining algorithm

Topic ID Topic-10 most probable words
Topic 0 1724C; 1662G; 1654A; 456C; 434C; 415G; 383G; 382G; 372C; 361A
Topic 1 1443 T; 1020G; 842C; 827C; 706A; 616C; 1594 T; 1532-; 1433C; 1416A
Topic 2 1137G; 1010 T; 1676A; 1520 T; 1378G; 1354A; 1314 T; 1297G; 1294G; 1245A
Topic 3 1115C; 656 T; 913G; 1100G; 1059C; 1027-; 1026-; 746 T; 705 T; 660G
Topic 4 1835 T; 1748 T; 1627A; 1626A; 1549 T; 1511C; 1469 T; 1348A; 1317 T; 1147A