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Table 1 Comparing ancestry proportions for African-Americans on the autosomes and the X-chromosome: Differences in individual autosomal and X-chromosome ancestry proportions are represented by the mean of the difference over all individuals

From: Efficient analysis of large datasets and sex bias with ADMIXTURE

Ancestry component Females only Males and Females
  (n=36) (n=60)
European 0.016 (0.345) 0.039 (0.032)
African –0.009 (0.460) –0.024 (0.141)
Native American/Asian –0.006 (0.119) –0.015 (0.020)
  1. In parentheses are the raw p-values calculated using a Wilcoxon signed rank test comparing the autosomal and X-chromosome ancestry proportions. P-values < 0.05 are shown in bold