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Table 1 Prognostic loci of ovarian cancer progression. The (Wald test) p values were obtained from Cox proportional hazard model with fCNV and bCNV data on the Affymetrix array platform as covariates

From: Identification of recurrent focal copy number variations and their putative targeted driver genes in ovarian cancer

Chr Region(Mb) p-value Representative genes
1 239.017–239.540 2.7E-04 KMO
3 171.107–174.249 1.0E-05 ECT2, EIF5A2, CLDN11, MYNN, LRRC31, EVI1
4 19.677–20.283 8.2E-06  
12 22.873–23.388 6.5E-04 KIAA0528
18 24.633–24.729 1.7E-04  
X 32.237–32.418 5.8E-06